Breakfast Deep Dives

Choose a Breakfast Deep Dive to attend, one is dedicated to how State governments are futurizing technology and the operational efficiency of HR, and the other is dedicated to how Local governments are utilizing data and maximizing resources in HR. These deep-dive sessions are the perfect way kick-off your conference experience with new connections, knowledge and debate

Future Focus on Utilizing Data & Maximizing Resources in HR in Local Governments

7:00 am Check In & Hot Breakfast

7:30 am Discover: Utilizing Data & Analytics to Track & Change Harmful Trends

  • LaShaun Carter Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer, Mecklenburg County


  • How can we be aware of harmful trends in our workplace and hold ourselves accountable to change these?
  • Utilize data analytics to identify harmful trends, and track the effectiveness of initiatives that intend to minimize them.
  • How the Mecklenburg County are utilizing their data to track their workforce demographic trends, including promotion rate, hiring rate, equity rate – leading to their discovery of a promotion bias for which they are tracking the success of their solution

7:50 am Discover: Re-inventing Compensation & Credentialing to Stay Competitive with Recruitment & Retention


  • How can we recruit new staff, in the ‘employee market’ at a competitive rate without compression?
  • Re-invent your compensation and classification system
  • How Pitkin County used feedback from their employees as motivation for change, building roles out and providing a compensated road map to progression, enabling them to provide competitive entry level rates without compression, increasing both recruitment rates and retention.

8:10 am Discover: Building an Internal Communications Team to Re-Energize Employees & Re-Brand Government Roles

  • Candi Jones First Deputy Director of Human Resources, City of Philadelphia


  • With around 60% of our workforce without a daily access to computers, how can we communicate important information?
  • Build an internal communications team to find other ways of reaching staff
  • How the City of Philadelphia are building an internal communications team to communicate vital information such as employee benefits, to re-energize and retain, but also externally to the public, to change the perception of government from a simple service provider to an opportunity provider

8:30 am Develop: What Else is Necessary to Consider When Maximizing Our Current Resources to Plan for the Future?


Question & Answer Session Facilitated by the Focus Day Chair

8:50 am Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Pre-Conference Workshop