8:55 am Welcome to Day Two & Recap of Day One

Mitigating Against Talent Attrition through Developing an Efficient Talent Recruitment Pipeline

9:00 am Discover: If You Build It, They Will Come (And Stay): The Hybrid Workforce Model’s Advantage in Attracting, Engaging, & Retaining Talent & Creating Truly Customer-Centered Service Delivery


• Building a hybrid workforce model – and doing it well – allows organizations to simultaneously address employee wants and customer needs.
• Implementing and maintaining an effective hybrid workforce model also helps engage and retain existing employees, decreasing dissatisfaction and voluntary attrition rates.
• Customers increasingly need services provided where they are at, when they get there. Creating an effective hybrid workforce model allows leaders to make better, more proactive decisions about sourcing, placing, and equipping their organization’s talent to provide customer-centered service delivery.

9:20 am Discover: Tackling affordable housing dilemmas that challenge recruitment, retention and the local workforce


  • How one organization discovered creative ways to responsibly use taxpayer dollars to provide affordable housing for the workforce.
  • Outlining the creative programs that have been funded by taxpayers and supported by elected officials to help mitigate the high cost of living for the recruitment and retention of employees.

9:40 am Discover: One County Strategy to Win the Talent War


  • A review and analysis on your compensation model and is it successful?
  • How compensation has driven retention and recruitment
  • How this approach is poised to avoid other positions from falling into the talent war category

10:00 am Develop: What are the Strategies of Recruitment we in Government are best Equipped to Employ?


Question & Answer Session Facilitated by the Chair

10:30 am Action: What Are You Going to Do Now to Ensure your Recruitment Pipeline is Robust and Attracts the Right Talent to Your Organization?


Output-Focused Discussion Session

10:50 am
Morning Break & Networking

How Can Public Sector HR Genuinely Become More Tech Savvy with Limited Budget & Resources?

11:20 am Discover: How can we Begin to Leverage New Technology to Improve Employee Engagement Across the State

  • Robin Wynn Director of Human Resources, Durham County


  • How we can promote increasingly widespread communication through the organization, harnessing online accessibility through our ‘midday moments’ drive
  • How we can encourage more streamlined employee enquiry processes to limit time wasted and improve worker experience through an online portal, ‘HR connect’
  • How we can rewarding the efforts that often go unnoticed by providing a platform to celebrate success, the Online Service Award

11:40 am Discover: Considering The Needs of Those Who Can Work Remotely Versus Those Who Must Continue to Work Onsite, as Remote Work Impacts on Employee Engagement

  • Julio Garcia Human Resource Director, State of Oregon Metro


  • Why implement a “remote first” workforce model?
  • Taking the remote first approach where ever possible, on a case-by-case basis depending on each employee’s job.
  • How it has the different impacts it has had on employee engagement for those who can work remotely versus those who must continue to work onsite.

12:00 pm Develop: How Can we Better Boost our Technological Offering?

  • Robin Wynn Director of Human Resources, Durham County
  • Julio Garcia Human Resource Director, State of Oregon Metro


Question & Answer Session Facilitated by the Chair

12:20 pm Action: What Are You Now Going to Change To Better Utilize the Technology Your Organization has hold of?


Output Focused Action Session Facilitated by the Chair

12:40 pm
Networking Lunch

Getting Clever about the Compensation we Offer

1:40 pm Speed Learning:

  • Tyrome Alexander Director of Human Resources, City of Toledo
  • Marcy Syman Human Resource Director, Metropolitan council
  • Kathy Nesbitt Executive Director Office of Human Resources, City & County of Denver


In this quick fire session, each table will be hosted by an HR leader who will share the secrets of their most high-impact leap; you then get the opportunity to question the host before moving on to your next table.

  • Upgrading and Implementing ERP systems: How resistant is your workforce to change and how are you navigating that?
  • Building a collaborative relationship with your labor union leaders: How has covid affected your union contracts?
  • Hybrid v Non-Hybrid: How do we retain our citizen facing/non-hybrid during a period when we’re losing talent to 100% remote opportunities

2:45 pm
Closing Remarks & End of Conference