Day 2 Breakfast Deep Dive

Day Two Breakfast Deep Dive: Rebranding How We Market Government Work to Compete with the Private Sector for Top Talent

An Interactive Deep-Dive into Rebranding Public Sector Work

Wednesday July 19, 2023

This is a Separately Bookable Add On Session

In an industry where employees have high passion for their job, how can we foster that passion and create the climate and culture that ensures that, regardless of the monetary reward received for doing the job, employees are going to stay in place? How can we better market government work to newer generations so they know this is a workplace that they can go to and have meaningful input and actually have effect on people’s lives in a positive way? 

Before the second conference day begins, this interactive deep-dive session will allow you to spend time engaging in a smaller group and to plug into the very latest thinking on how government HR leaders are rebranding how they market public sector work to compete with the private sector for top talent. 

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