In a target-rich, but resource-poor public sector operating environment how can federal, state and local HR leaders most effectively identify the areas where they can practically improve things and transform HR impact?

How do we develop our ability to think innovatively and actively challenge traditional thinking around how to use HR as a business lever rather than a function that offers transactional support to inside government?

And once we’ve achieved that ability to think outside the box, how do we then build the ability to execute - within the rules of engagement - to both accelerate and transform our impact on our governmental organizations?

These are some of the questions which lie at the heart of a new forum for public sector HR outliers and disruptors called LEAP HR: Government. It will shine a light on who’s doing what, where, and how they’re getting it done.

This unique forum is specifically designed for the most progressive public sector people leaders to engage in a genuinely disruptive dialogue around what really needs to be in the government HR toolbox of tomorrow.

Among the 50 public sector people leaders to help shape this agenda:

Jeffrey Williamson
Chief Human Resources Officer
United States Postal Service

Jason Jackson
Chief Human Resources Officer
State of Nebraska

Devin Brown
Chief Human Resources Officer
Kern County

Mary Pletcher
Chief Human Capital Officer
Department of Agriculture

Karen Niparko
Chief Human Resources Officer
City & County of Denver

Justin Johnson
Human Capital Leader, Deloitte
Former Exec Director, CHCO Council

Steven Dykeman
Chief Human Resources Officer
Department of Homeland Security

Colleen McManus
Chief Human Resources Officer
State of Airzona

Alex Smith
Chief Human Resources Officer
City of Memphis