Move from Transactional to Strategic HR
To Fill Mission Critical Roles & Energize a Multi-generational,
Agile Public Sector Workforce Fit for the Future

LEAP HR: Government
is your chance to hear from the disruptors rethinking HR at all levels of government sharing the most radical stories of HR transformation delivering a measurable ROI and walk away with the practical, truly transformative people strategies you can replicate in your own organization.

Only at LEAP HR: Government 2019 you could've discovered:

In a target-rich, but resource-poor public sector operating environment how can federal, state and local HR leaders most effectively identify areas for practical improvement and transform HR impact within government?
How do we develop our ability to think innovatively and actively challenge traditional HR thinking to transition from a purely transactional function, to the strategic business lever capable of influencing mission success?
And once we’ve achieved that ability to think strategically, how do we then build the ability to execute - within the rules of engagement - to both accelerate and transform our impact on our governmental organizations?


This unique forum is specifically designed for the most progressive public sector HR leaders to engage in a genuinely disruptive dialogue around what really needs to be in the government HR toolbox of tomorrow.

"I’ve never seen a truly no holds barred conversation about rethinking HR in government like this. We could really benefit from such a disruptive exchange of creative HR thinking.”

Jeffrey Williamson
Chief Human
Resources Officer
US Postal Service  


“Being a change agent can be a lonely pursuit, so the idea of plugging into a community of public sector change agents like that at LEAP HR: Government should leave us energized, inspired and ready for action.

Alex Smith
Chief Human
Resources Officer
City of Memphis