Opening Panel Discussion: Leveraging Lessons Learnt from the Pandemic to Drive HR Innovation in State & Local Government

Time: 8:50 am
day: Day One


Before the main conference sessions begin, HR leaders from a variety of city and county governments within North America will share insight on the biggest lessons learnt from the last eighteen months that we can leverage to drive future HR innovation.

  • What thinking do we need to challenge to be able to genuinely accommodate our employees
    bringing their whole selves to work in public sector positions?
  • What can we do to support employees dealing with long-term physical and emotional side effects of
    the pandemic?
  • How do we overcome the greater complexities of connectivity associated with a hybrid
    workforce model?
  • How do we go beyond our limited resources to re-energize and engage our employees who have
    been stretched to the limit?
  • What does the future of work mean for how our agencies deliver their services?