Federal Focus Day

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Competing with the Private Sector with ‘One Hand Tied Behind Your Back’ – A Federal Government Perspective

Tuesday November 15, 2022 | 2pm – 6pm


This is your opportunity to plug into the most innovative thinking around how strictly federal people leaders have been and are currently strategically transforming the way they work to create a more agile workforce

Begin your LEAP HR: State & Local Government experience by tackling three critical questions addressing how we find, attract, and inspire the next-gen talent we need to compete with the private sector. Find out how the most forward-thinking federal government HR leaders are re-imagining how to tackle a growing shortage of job applications, increased hybrid working, weakened engagement, and stifled employee wellness.

The questions to be addressed include:

Implementing an Interconnected Recruitment Scheme through Shared Certificates & Joint Interviewing

Hear how the National Institutes of Health has created an interconnected network of organizations that share recruitment certificates, lowering the number of advertisements for one position and streamlining the talent acquisition process

Where Else in an Organization Might HR Lend Itself? A Journey from Talent Acquisition to Financial Processing from within the FBI

Uncover how Peter Sursi, Section Chief – Finance Division, previously Head of Talent Acquisition, Federal Bureau of Investigation developed the first ever annual recruiting strategy for the FBI and how he is transitioning learnings from 5 years of TA expertise to solve leadership and structural problems within a 200 person organization

What More can we be Doing to Champion Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in a Governmental Organization?

Discover where NASA HQ’s very own Director of Human Resources is centering its DEI initiatives and elevating engagement from a hybrid workforce to ensure all voices are heard



Julie Berko
Director of Human Resources
National Institutes of Health

peter s

Peter Sursi
Section Chief – Finance Division, previously
Head of Talent Acquisition
Federal Bureau of Investigation


Veronica Marshall
Director of Human Resources

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