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Devin Brown

Has LeBron James Killed the Government Career?

Devin Brown, Chief Human Resources Officer, Kern County 

LEAP: “Building a culture, a recruitment strategy and a compensation strategy around a new world order to reflect the needs of a future workforce.”

Karen Niparko

The New Approach to Talent Acquisition That Will Enable Government Agencies to Compete with the Private Sector for Top Talent

Karen Niparko, Chief Human Resources Officer, City & County of Denver 

LEAP: Transforming the way we approach talent acquisition to compete with the private sector for top talent. 


Event Testimonials


“An awesome opportunity” 

“An awesome opportunity to engage with like-minded people who are on the front lines of government HR experiencing the same challenges”  

Devin Brown, Chief Human Resource Officer, Kern

“An extremely valuable conference” 

"An extremely valuable conference filled with government thought leaders, actionable leading practices and connections for the future."

Karen Niparko, Chief Human Resources Officer, City & County of Denver 

"I appreciated the intimate nature of the group, the direct dialogue among attendees, the tangible access to presenters after each session, and the relevant information! Thank you!" 

Rende Mackay, Director of Human Resources, Labor & Industry, Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services 

“It was a dynamic, fresh approach to HR training and networking 

“It was a dynamic, fresh approach to HR training and networking. Bringing together the different government levels worked, the format was fantastic, with ample time for people to speak to one another and share ideas.”

Traci DiMartini, Chief Human Capital Officer, Peace Corps 

"The best government HR conference I have attended."

Brandy Winterbottom-Whitney, Deputy Director of Human Resources, County of San Diego  

“Fast-moving agenda, ample networking time, and overall positive energy 

“This was a successful experiment around combining federal, state, and local government with an effectively fast-moving agenda, ample networking time, and overall positive energy.”

Keith Krut, Director of People Analytics, NASA 

“A truly informative and inspirational experience!” 

"A great opportunity to speak to other government HR leaders, from all sectors of government. We share many issues in common but approach them from different angles them differently based on our government system. I loved hearing about the leaps they had made and the challenges they overcame -a truly informative and inspirational experience!"

Kim Bauhs, Chief Human Capital Officer, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration 

"I'd say that LEAP HR: Government was by far the most innovative conference I've ever attended!"

Maurice Brown, Director of Human Resources, City of Cincinnati 

A transformative experience for those of us in public sector human resource management 

The format of learn, discuss and apply made this more than just a conference or seminar event. A transformative experience for those of us in public sector human resource management. 

Sandra Kellam, Chief Human Resources Officer, Ohio Department of Commerce 

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